Use Customer Data to Improve Golf Course Operations

One big challenge that owners of golf courses face is attracting golfers that are younger, as this demographic is not as interested in golf as older individuals. This goal is actually quite common, which makes it essential that golf course owners gather data that helps them figure out how to better target the younger audience.

Improving Using Customer Data

Your CRM software will come in handy here, allowing you to break down your database of information and segment data by age range. This information can help you answer important questions, such as:

·         How many more members are there in the junior category than last year?

·         How many of these customers only play games when there is a discount?

·         What channel did they use to complete their booking?

·         How many visitors came back for a subsequent round?

·         What purchases are being made in the golf course pro shop?

·         Who do these members typically golf with?

·         What restaurant items are most popular with this age group?

Modern CRM software is capable of automatically capturing and organizing this data so that it can be easily displayed and reviewed. When choosing CRM software, it is highly recommended that you take the time to figure out which system works best for your course and provides you with the necessary capabilities required to run operations.

Keeping & Generating Loyal Customers

You will also need to look at your customers and find out how many of them are returning, or loyal, customers and how many are new members. Golf club consulting professionals can provide valuable insight into how to keep loyal customers and generate more in an effort to keep your golf course running smoothly.

Your customers are extremely important, so your review of your golf course should include information regarding visitors and how to better satisfy them.